Gautrain Stations
Ten stations will be built along the route, serving principal commuter areas as well as providing an efficient service to the airport. Park station is located in Johannesburg Park station precinct and will have connections to the airport and northern areas of Gauteng province.

The railway will be laid to standard 1,435mm gauge using continuously welded rail and concrete sleepers. In the tunnels, concrete slab track or sleepers laid into a concrete bed will be used. The rails will be elastically supported throughout to reduce noise and sound levels, even at the maximum 160km/h-180km/h operation.

There will be a triangular junction at Marlboro, with the station located at the south-east point. Trains serving Johannesburg International Airport from the north will be able to bypass Marlboro station, whilst trains travelling east-west, west-east and south-north from Park station to Hatfield will all be able to stop at Marlboro