Marlboro South Industrial area that is adjacent to Alexandra Township is planned to be turned into mixed used area, not only industrial but also residential. Since the major factories and plants and other business were moved to other places the premises were illegally occupied by homeless people and the crime rate raised to a higher level than before.

Anthony Blandford, director for the City of Johannesburg's Presidential Alexandra Renewal Project, enlisted the support of the city council and received permission to restore the area. "We want to change the zoning of the area from industry to a mixed-land property and council has agreed," says Blandford.

City of Johannesburg consultants, community representatives and other interested people are working over the subject of developing a special framework for the area. The framework is supposed to be completed by October. A special committee has been formed under the name Marlboro Industrial Area Development Committee.

The committee and other interested bodies expect that the business investment will return to the area and all necessary infrastructures will be built for the benefits of the Marlboro district and adjacent Alexandra town, existing business and residential properties will be reconstructed and the matter with illegally "invaded spaces" for residential purposes will be resolved.

It is not a secret that due to non positive circumstances the property prices and its value dropped. However, the department says, that they will review the property values in order to create in the area all conditions for decent living and working infrastructure.

Alongside with construction of Gautrain and Marlboro Station, owners of industrial and residential property in Marlboro will find themselves in the middle of a new commercial, high-density residential and entertainment centre catering to Alexandra. As conditions in the township inevitably improve, analysts say Marlboro property values will rise.