A good climate, clean water and excellent hygiene make South Africa a safe family destination. Adults will not need any vaccinations when traveling in South Africa, unless you are traveling from a yellow fever zone.

Hepatitis B vaccinations are generally recommended for children up to the age of 12 who have not completed the series of injections as infants.

The medical facilities in the cities and larger towns are excellent, so guests can expect the best of service should anything happen to you or your family while in South Africa. However, the rural areas of South Africa offer only basic health needs and do not offer a wide range of medical care but the first class services of the city are just a phone call away. Due to the warm climate, families are advised to wear sunscreen/hat/sunglasses when outdoors, especially during 10am-4pm.

Safe, high quality water is available everywhere in South Africa and is safe to drink from the tap. Bottled water is also available throughout South Africa at most convenient stores. Do not drink any water from rivers and streams.

Most of the tourist areas in South Africa are malaria free; however, Kruger National Park, the Lowveld of Mpumalanga and the northern part of Kwazulu-Natal are at risk during the summer months. Many travelers and locals do not take anti malarial medication, but most medical professionals will recommend you do for the complete safety and protection for your family.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before departing for South Africa for advice and professional guidance so that you and your family can safely enjoy the amazing things this diverse and magical country has to offer.